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The wait has finally come to an end. The gossip surrounding the new kids on the block has been confirmed as real, with sightings of the new craft under wraps at long last.

The "Manx GT" was sighted at Pyramid Lake in Northern Nevada USA. The press and local TV were there to capture the moment and the much talked about speculation has finally been revealed and confirmed.

The craft is powered by a high powered four stroke engine with a breakthrough in fan technology which develops greater power with a reduction in enviromental sound levels.

There is an opportunity to view the information relating to developments at the F1 Hoverpod Racing site where you can see all the partners and contributer's involved.

The editor of Hovercraft News has been in contact with the Management at F1 Hoverpod Racing and had confirmation that the showing at Grantham in Lincs UK last December was a great success and that much interest and support had been shown for the concept and product in several key areas.

Many new developments have been created and prepared for a first showing, one might say the opportunity to not only enter the world stage but perhaps dominate and lead from the front.

Wikipedia finally agreed to acknowledge and recognise what a Hoverpod was. The information was limited in order to comply with the rules of Wikipedia but was restricted to being factual and all about the Hoverpod. The recognition was a well earned and well presented case in the end and perhaps a sign of what is to come.




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